"My name is Britannia, and this is my song"

someone who does not exist
All things move towards their end
"Dancing With The Moonlit Knight"

"Can you tell me where my country lies?"
Said the unifaun to his true love's eyes
"It lies with me!", cried the Queen of Maybe.
For her merchandise, he traded in his prize.

"Paper late!", cried a voice in the crowd.
"Old man dies!" The note he left was signed "Old Father Thames".
It seems he's drowned, selling England by the pound.

Citizens of Hope and Glory, time goes by,
It's the time of your life.

"Easy now, sit you down..."
Chewing through your Wimpy dreams, they eat without a sound,
Digesting England by the pound.

@темы: Genesis, progressive rock

2012-05-19 в 00:20 

ertoenend Zwielicht
...)) Насколько неожиданно) Когда же и я вернусь к этой музыкепрошлогогода, ведь хронологически областью совпадения должна бы быть как раз весенне-летняя переходность?..
And: in conjuncture with all the other examples of worldplay scattered throughout the song, the "It's the time of your life" part does have an additional statement-turned-advertisement connotation, but it is also a very valid sentiment that could be viewed as uplifting outside the context of the song. It really is the time. And we'll prove it yet. ;)

2012-05-19 в 00:56 

ertoenend Zwielicht
I did mean to do the colour thing in worldplay, but whatever. :rolleyes:


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